About GreenUP!

About GreenUP!

What are “sustainable business practices,” anyway?

Sustainable business practices recognize and reinforce the inherent interconnections between economic thriving, healthy environment, and social justice for employees and the community that supports us.  Although traditional business practices have assumed that measures to increase environmental compatibility or social justices are “luxuries,” that must be added on only after economic success is attained, study after study is contradicting that idea with evidence that economic resilience and growth occurs within sustainable business frameworks.

In the Reno area, businesses committed to sustainable practices have not only survived during our catastrophic economic recession, but have actually posted healthy gains.

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What greenUP! does

GreenUP! seeks to spread the word about the power of sustainability to benefit our business sector and community as a whole.  We host two annual events: the Tour de Green sustainable business and local government tour, and the Golden Pinecone Award Celebration (formerly of Nevada Econet fame).  Each of these events highlight and celebrate our community’s leaders in environmental and sustainability innovation, raising the profile of what actually works in our community.

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Who we are

greenUP!’s board of directors and advisory council include representatives from the University of Nevada, Reno, Washoe County, Sustainability consulting businesses, law and public relations, dedicated to making sustainability practices accessible to all residents of northern Nevada.

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