Evironment, Economy, Equity: It’s About Time


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By Amanda Horn

Our fearless leader, Dr. Jen Huntley, said something today that got me thinking:

In 2010, the Natural Resource Defense Council designated Reno one of the top 25 “smart cities” in America, demonstrating that our area has made progress toward sustainability. However, given that the Truckee Meadows is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy resources, two nationally-ranked research institutions, and is largely free of heavy-polluting industries, it seems we could be doing much, much better. Why isn’t Reno at the TOP of national urban sustainability lists?

Why aren’t we at the top? Reno is poised to set the sustainable standard for cities. Over the past few years, even in the depths of a deep economic recession, the City invested millions in renewable energy infrastructure and retrofits. But what’s next? Where are we going?

Arguably, hard times have yielded one positive result:  We have never been in a better position to shift paradigms.

A true shift requires more than lofty dialogue and coffeehouse banter.  It takes meaningful action. And, as the old saying goes, “It takes a village.” We need a unified vision for sustainable growth. Collectively we must drive policies that create synergy between the environment, economy, and equity.

Sustainability is about a clean, healthy environment, yes, but it’s also about healthy people. It’s about social justice, and economic vibrance that produces true abundance through collective prosperity.

It’s about time.

So, let this be a call to action to all of you around the Truckee Meadows. This coming Tuesday the next generation of would-be Reno leaders will gather to discuss their personal visions to move our beautiful city toward a sustainable future. Even if you live under a different Council’s jurisdiction, this public forum impacts you, too. Resident or neighbor, the policies of the people that take the City’s reigns set the stage for your future. Be part of the discussion, part of the action, part of the sustainable shift.

Here’s the link with all the event details:  http://greenupnow.biz/reno-city-council-sustainability-forum/

We’ll see you there.

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