Golden Pinecone Awards

Sue Jacox receives award for Individual / Volunteer

The Golden PineCone Awards is a legacy event initiated by Environmental Leadership and run for more than 25 years by Environmental Leadership, Nevada EcoNET and more recently greenUP! The awards recognize individuals and organizations for their efforts to make our community environmentally healthy and safe, and to promote sustainable living practices.  Since the first award award was issued in 1988, 125 people have been recognized.

The Golden Pinecone Ball was started by Tod Bedrosian, Bob Fulkerson, Glenn Miller and Bob Loux to bring the environmental community together as friends and initially to get the community excited about stopping the dump of nuclear waste. The pinecone awards were handmade out of plywood, an ironic twist on formal award ceremonies to honor environmental achievements of the past year.

greenUP! expects to cohost the Golden Pinecone Awards again in 2017 along with GREENevada.