Green Business in St. Louis

An optional tour of the St. Louis Green Dining Alliance was held in the Loop

The GBENN 2016 Summit was held in St. Louis, Missouri.  There are some significant programs in St. Louis that help businesses green their operations, promote their green practices, and provide resources to educate businesses on good environmental stewardship.

The St. Louis Green Business Challenge is one such program and 65 companies, non-profits and governmental bodies in the St. Louis, MO region completed the challenge in 2016.

The St. Louis Green Business Challenge, a joint program of the St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Missouri Botanical Garden, delivers “triple-bottom” line results (financial, social, and environmental) to businesses of all types and sizes across the St. Louis region. The Challenge supports integration of sustainability measures into the kinds of everyday operational practices common to every business. Participants identify and adapt the strategies that improve financial performance and engage employees in voluntary measures to reduce environmental impacts.

Since its inception in 2010, 152 companies representing more than 130,000 employees, have completed the Challenge for three or more years, with 21 companies engaged through all six program years.

Another program is the St. Louis Green Dining Alliance which is a program of St. Louis Earth Day.  The Green Dining Alliance mission is to enhance each diner’s experience and support local businesses by engaging restaurants and stakeholders in a process to increase environmental sustainability through tailored strategies, workshops, and collaboration.  For more information.