Green Business Program for Nevada

greenUP! is working to facilitate the launch of a green business program for the State of Nevada.  The greenUP! Directors have significant experience in the management and implementation of green business programs nationwide and possess the right background to successfully launch a sustainable program.

We propose to use a national accepted certification model and database that automates collecting performance data into the GreenBizTrack database that would be set up for the State of Nevada.  A calculation engine brings data from individual businesses together, calculating related metrics based on each program in the state against national metrics guidelines. Environmental outcomes would be measured and collected including reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG), reduction in water usage, reduction in hazardous waste and solid waste, reduction in vehicle and carbon emissions and other environmental measures deemed important to Nevada.

The initial baseline for measuring this program is determined by getting businesses to fill in a green business checklist. Over time, businesses are measured against this checklist to determine behavior change.

There was an earlier effort to get a green business program going in Carson City and Douglas Counties in Nevada. Ten businesses were surveyed and asked to fill out a green business checklist about where they were in terms of running their businesses in an environmentally friendly way. Tremendous feedback was received on how to improve the program and work with local companies on environmental stewardship.

Nevada has access to studies, best practices and other resources from successful programs across the country. There are many reasons why a green business program makes sense for the State of Nevada.

Benefits include:

  • Positive relationship between Government and Business
  • Collect environmental outcome measures for the State of Nevada
  • Public Prefers to Buys Green When that Option Exists
  • Businesses Reduce energy and waste and SAVE Money $$$

greenUP! will spend time demonstrating the value of the aggregated environmental outcome data to City, County and State Governing Boards to justify the existence of an incentive program for businesses to operate in the green.

For more information about the program, contact greenUP!.