Plastic Free July Challenge 3: Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping

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Plastic Free July Challenge 3: Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping

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In Weeks 1 and 2 of Plastic Free July, we learned about plastics and plastic waste. This week, we’ll focus on learning how to reduce our plastic footprint and take our sustainable waste management a step beyond recycling.

From here out, we’ll be focusing on the other “Rs” of sustainability– Rethinking, Reducing, Refusing, Replacing, and Reusing!

Our challenge for you this week is to try to avoid plastics at the grocery store. See how many of the sustainable “Rs” you can deploy while you shop to prepare a meal. Try to make this shopping trip as plastic free as possible, and let us know: Was it easier or more challenging than you thought? Which plastics were you able to avoid? Were there any plastics that were unavoidable, and why? And finally, What did you make? Be sure to share & tag us in your pictures on social media! 


Tip: We get it –– sometimes avoiding all plastics can be tricky. In these instances, we like to apply a “least harms” evaluation of our options: Not all plastics are created equal, so we’ll work to educate ourselves and others about which plastics are particularly harmful to the environment. We’ve created this guide to help inform your plastic consumption– if you can’t avoid it, at least you can try to minimize the most wasteful forms of plastic. Click here to download the Plastics Guide.