Plastic Free July

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Plastic Free July

greenUP! is proud to announce our participation in Plastic Free July, an international awareness month focused on the environmental and health impacts of plastic pollution. We, the greenUP! staff, will be taking on plastic-free challenges and reflecting upon what it means to reduce plastic consumption in our lives–– We invite you to join us!

Each Wednesday in July we will be posting a greenUP! challenge to our social media pages. Play along while we learn more about the plastics dilemma, gain insight to our local plastics recycling process, and challenge ourselves with ways to reduce our plastic footprint.

Week One: Learning About Plastics

Week Two: Plastics in Our Own Lives

Week Three: Identifying and Avoiding Different Types of Plastic 

Week Four: Plastic-Free Swaps 

We are tired of seeing single use plastic pollution scattered throughout our cities, neighborhoods, and outdoor spaces. We are learning about the ways in which we contribute to the global plastic problem, and we are eager to practice and get inspired with plastic solutions. We’re using Plastic Free July as a way to challenge ourselves as individuals to reduce our personal plastic footprint, and we’re also using it as a way to recharge and energize the environmental work we do with businesses in our community. Together, we can make Nevada a cleaner and greener place. Let’s get going!

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