Resources for Restaurants

Resources for Restaurants

COVID-19 Response

Individuals and businesses everywhere are adapting to life with COVID-19. Below are some helpful resources for navigating these changes in the food industry:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Small Business Survival Guide

Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling During COVID-19: Guide for Restaurants

Resources from the National Restaurant Association

How to Reopen Restaurants While Safely Using Reusables

The Safety of Reusables During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Recycling & Waste Information

Waste Management is the official provider for curbside pickup (trash and recycling) in Carson City. Information on waste hauling for commercial customers can be found at the WM website, along with tips on how to Recycle Right.


Green Dining District Training Videos

On May 21st 2019, greenUP! organized a training for restaurants in the Green Dining District. There were a number of guest speakers that gave useful information on recycling and food waste reduction. The videos were recorded so that new restaurants participating in the Green Dining District program can go through the training online. The training was recorded in six (6) segments.  Click on the links below to watch the videos.

Video #1 – Green Dining District Training Overview

Donna Walden from greenUP! provides an overview of the green dining district, what is included in the training for restaurants and benefits restaurants receive by joining the green dining district. (RT: 08:33)

Video #2 – Recycling in Nevada

Patricia Moen from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection talks about recycling in Nevada and gives tips for restaurants on how best to recycle. (RT: 19.22)

Video #3 – Sustainable Food Management

Jessica Counts-Arnold from the Environmental Protection agency discusses the environmental significance of food waste, EPA’s Sustainable Food Management Program, and all the resources EPA has for businesses including restaurants. (RT: 16.13)

Video #4 – Composting of Food Waste

Cody Witt at Full Circle Soils & Compost talks about food waste and what can be composted and what cannot. (RT: 25.57)

Video #5 – Waste Audit Guidelines

Jenny Arnold, a graduate from the UNR environmental science program, goes over the process of the waste audit that is conducted at each restaurant in the green dining district program. (RT: 12.28)

Video #6 – Example Waste Audit

As part of the May 21 restaurant training, participants did a waste audit together, courtesy of Gather restaurant in Carson City. (RT: 20.58)


New Members

Any restaurants, cafes, or eateries interested in joining the Green Dining District may contact to learn more