Reusable Takeout Container Pilot

greenUP! is thrilled to bring the first of its kind reusable takeout container program to the state of Nevada. We developed the Green Box To-Go program to give a long overdue option to the environmentally conscious businesses and customers who wish to be a part of community level solutions to waste reduction. By replacing single-use disposable containers with reusables, we can close the loop on our consumption and prevent unnecessary waste from entering our landfills and communities. 

Want to know more? Here’s how it works!

A Green Box To-Go container filled to the brim!
  1. When ordering a meal to go, customers will have the option to make a one-time subscription purchase that provides them with a Green Box To-Go token.
  2. Subscribed customers can request their food be packaged in a Green Box in exchange for one token. Then they take their meal home with them, as they would with any other take-out box!
  3. After enjoying the takeout meal, all that’s left is to do is rinse out the container, return it to any one of our participating restaurants, and pick up a new token to exchange the next time. Don’t forget to bring your rewards card for a stamp! Restaurants will sanitize all returned takeout containers and restock them so they can be enjoyed again — participating restaurants include: Scoups, So Juicy, Squeeze In, and Great Basin Brewery in Carson City.

The goal of this program is to incorporate sustainability into take-out orders in a way that is convenient for the customer and the business. Simply Borrow, Use, and Exchange for a delicious closed-loop dining experience.

The service comes at a one-time subscription cost of $20, which grants customers the ability to check out one box at a time, with unlimited returns and check-outs. A four-box family plan is also available for $40, and allows users to check out four boxes at a time.

You can purchase your Green Box To-Go tokens directly from this website, or use a QR code to purchase at the participating restaurants. Just show your PayPal confirmation screen to a restaurant staff member to borrow your first box!

Scoups Ice Cream and Soup
So Juicy Juice and Salad Bar
Squeeze In Breakfast and Lunch
Great Basin Brewing Co.